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travel trends 2021
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4 Travel Trends That Shaped 2021

ByOn December 22, 2021

In a year of cautious optimism, rescheduled plans, changing restrictions and requirements, and hope for the holidays, travelers have had their persistence and resilience tested. And yet, many have been willing to…Read More

TripIt features 2021
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In a Changing World of Travel, Here’s How We’ve Kept Up

ByOn December 9, 2021

If you were to rewind to two years ago and ask us what TripIt features would be most useful to travelers in 2021, we couldn’t have predicted that it would be tools…Read More

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TripIt Data: Christmas and New Year’s Bookings Sleigh 2021 Holiday Travel Numbers

ByOn December 7, 2021

The year 2021 has been full of ups and downs, and twists and turns when it comes to travel. We’ve gone from near standstill to stronger-than-ever returns; from closed to the world,…Read More

Thanksgiving 2021
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TripIt Data: Thanksgiving 2021 Travel Volume Nearly Triple 2020

ByOn November 9, 2021

As the first Thanksgiving approaches since vaccine rollouts began in the United States, we were eager to dig into TripIt reservation data to see if we should expect yet another highly traveled…Read More

american travelers
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American Travelers Practice Cautious Optimism, Many Are Waiting to Book End-of-Year Trips

ByOn October 27, 2021

‘Tis the season for booking holiday travel. Or, is it? Earlier this month, we asked more than 1,500 U.S.-based travelers about their travel plans: Of those planning to travel in the next…Read More

point spending
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Points and the Pandemic: New Data Shows How Travelers Cashed in Their Stockpiled Points

ByOn September 28, 2021

道路勇士和频繁的传单,accumulating credit card points and airline miles is part of the fun of travel. But when the pandemic hit, spending your hard-earned points became a…Read More

search tool
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Don’t Scroll, Search: New Tool Added for Locating Trip Details in TripIt for iOS

ByOn September 21, 2021

Picture this: You’re planning a trip to London. You’ve been before (albeit eight years ago) and you want to book a stay at the hotel you loved near Hyde Park. But… What.…Read More

labor day travel
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TripIt Data: Strong Close to Summer Travel with Labor Day 2021

ByOn August 23, 2021

The first two of the three big U.S. summer holidays—Memorial Day and Fourth of July—were pandemic-era record setters. With Labor Day approaching, we dug into our data to determine if we’d see…Read More

summer travel plans
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New Survey Shows 82% of Americans Traveled This Summer

ByOn August 12, 2021

Is the digital nomad life more hype than reality? Does gender dictate the preferred mode of travel for solo adventurers? Will a requirement to use a digital health passport make or break…Read More